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Hailing from Texas in the United States, Josiah “JowJ” Ledbetter is the kind of guy you want to hop on skype with at the end of the day and chill with. If his bandanna didn’t automatically give him coolness points like it did for coL.QXC, his easy going demeanor and laid back attitude would win you over. As you talk more and more with him, you get a sense of what a chill guy he is, but also how honest of a guy he is. In my life, I’ve met a lot of nice people, and a lot of honest people. JowJ is one of the few members of this world that I’ve had the privilege of meeting that’s both.

Coming from the team Xtraterrestrials, a new comer to the Starcraft 2 scene, JowJ embodies the essence of “up and coming” in a multitude of ways. While working full time as a server tech (which he describes as “doing stuff with computers”), he’s been working his way up through various semi-pro team leagues and events. It wasn’t long before he easily won over my heart. I knew he was going to be one of my favorite players to watch after witnessing him all kill a team in the URTL.

While he maintains a very laid back demeanor, JowJ is a Tactician at heart when it comes to the game. When you watch JowJ, you quickly realize he’s not afraid to do things that others would shy away from, if not declare outright crazy. His trademark ability to land baneling landmines on an unsuspecting Terran army and ability to make something like using a proxy hatchery in the middle of the map as an unkillable creep tumor against hellions demonstrate his investment in the tactics he has in his arsenal that you have to be ready for. When you’re playing JowJ, it’s not necessarily just about the general unit composition he’s going for. You have to worry about the small things now. Did he research burrow? Would he dare to research drop and sick 12 lings in my base when I move out? These are the kinds of questions you have to ask yourself as you descend in to paranoia, or you’ll soon find yourself taking massive blows for neglecting the possibility.

If you want to root for an underdog that has a great fighting chance, JowJ is your man. Facing off against players like Fnatic’s Hellokitty, Clarity’s SaroVati and ROOT SEED’s Arium, who are all on fairly established teams have have a bit more exposure,Jowj is going to have a lot to prove for his team Xtraterrestrials and for himself. But anyone who underestimates him is going to be making a critical mistake. I’ve seen JowJ decimate grand-masters in such glorious fashions that even Abathur would be jealous.
You can follow XT JowJ on Twitch TV and you can follow his team, Xtraterrestrials on Twitter as @XTStarcraft and head on over to Facebook to follow the team there!

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