Breaking Out! A Weekly North American Series!

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Welcome to the first introduction to Breaking Out presented by FearDragon! This is a Quick shout out about the series and a welcome to every one who has heard about it, and wants to know more.

To get more information on the Breaking Out Series you can also head over to the Team Liquid Thread for more information and updates as well as staying tuned to this website for all the best information about the Breaking Out series!

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About the Breaking Out Series

Breaking Out is a project designed to build the North American Starcraft 2 scene. Everyone knows the North American scene is lackluster to where it could be. Shoutcraft NA is a sparkling example of the interest in the North American SC2 scene, but due to unfortunate circumstances, the next Shoutcraft NA is in an uncertain situation. While we love what Genna and John Bane(Intricacy and TotalBiscuit) have done for the Starcraft 2 scene, I feel it is time for the rest of us to step it up while they refocus their efforts on team Axiom. So just what does this project entail?

Breaking Out is a weekly show with content 6 days a week. Each week we’ll spend time getting to know more about a rising North American Starcraft 2 player. Even I know it’s hard to watch two totally unknown SC2 players playing against each other when even the casters don’t know anything about the players and their playstyle. Knowing about the players is what makes us care about watching Polt try to hit those three bases so he can become indestructable, or cheer on Jaedong because we knew ZvP was his weakest matchup and he overcame it through damn hard work. These stories EXIST in the North American scene, we just don’t see them.

That is the purpose of Breaking Out. To show the stories that deserve to be shown.


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